Buses have been the go-to public transportation for most Canadians. Obviously, due to the reliance on fossil fuels, they are expected contributors to air pollution. The solution can only be transitioning to electric buses.

Electric buses, modern solutions they may seem, have not been that of a welcoming approach. The adoption appears to be slow in comparison to progressive countries adopting electric vehicles transition. These can cause e-bus manufacturers in Canada to become discouraged, causing them to decide to operate in the US instead.

With the slow start and diverse viewpoints from different key cities due to battery prices and building related infrastructures, the progress towards zero-emission may take quite a while.

Sometime in 1922, Canada had been operating electric trolleybuses until fossil fuel-powered vehicles became the norm. It will be nice for the Canadians to rethink the mindset in order to accelerate the progress towards clean energy transportation.

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