Canada has been pushing towards more development in clean energy. With this, it is projected to generate around half a million jobs under a decade. Currently, close to 300,000 individuals are already employed.

There are many sub-industries involved in the clean energy sector such as energy-efficient solutions, waste-to-fuel generation, and electric vehicle manufacturing. Within a decade, the fossil fuel-driven sectors will likely shrink about 0.5 percent each year. The jobs lost can be transitioned to the growth of the clean energy sector.

Simultaneously, the jobs in the clean energy sector are projected to have an annual growth of 3.4 percent. This means that 50,000 jobs in fossil fuels may be lost but 160,000 jobs are being created for clean energy.

In terms of investments, a 30 percent gradual increase will be expected throughout the decade. Success is only possible if the leadership is committed to tackling climate measures.

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