Solar lighting doesn’t source electricity from the grid. Instead, it converts energy from the sun into electricity. If you’re seeking a more sustainable and affordable way of powering your home, you should invest in indoor solar-powered lights. Electricity is a major living expense in the U.S. The average electricity bill in a month is about $111.

Types of Indoor Solar Lighting

1. D180

This solar home system is affordable for even low-income homes because its pay-as-you-go technology enables payment in installments. It’s sophisticated and economical. When you buy this solar home system, you get:

  • A battery pack with USB port(s)
  • A solar panel
  • 3 light switches
  • 3 solar lights
  • 1 FM radio
  • 1 torch

2. X500

This is another good solar home system option on the market. It’s affordable and can power 12V home appliances. Buying this solar home system gets you:

  • A 19-inch television
  • USB-powered accessories
  • A fan
  • Lights that can illuminate your home for about 8 hours after a full day charge
  • Mobile phones

3. X2000

This solar home system is the most advanced on the list. It also comes with more goodies than the rest. Buying this system gets you:

  • A 32-inch solar LED TV
  • Bright lights
  • A solar radio
  • Several USB ports
  • A solar torch for indoor and outdoor use

Benefits of Indoor Solar Lighting

Requires Very Little Maintenance

Isn’t it the dream of every homeowner to have an appliance that doesn’t require periodic maintenance or servicing? Fortunately, indoor solar lighting doesn’t require much maintenance effort from you. The reason is the LED fixtures used in producing them come with a life cycle that spans more than a decade.

The only maintenance you’ll be carrying out is changing the batteries after five years. The new batteries should take you for another five years before requiring replacement. Solar lighting is much more convenient to use than conventional lighting.

Clean Energy

Solar lighting comes from green energy, which is eco-friendly. They offer a better alternative to conventional electricity because they don’t require any input from the power grid in the area. The source of power for this lighting option is the sun, which is an unlimited and sustainable energy source.

As you know, the energy tapped from the sun by the panel’s solar cells recharges the batteries during the daytime so that they can power up the home during the night for as long as 8 hours. One strong environmental benefit of solar lighting is that its batteries are completely capable of being recycled.

You Spend Less on Energy

Initially, the purchase of solar lighting will take money from you but in the long run, you’ll save far more because energy bills will no longer be a problem. Some solar lighting systems aren’t even that expensive in terms of price.

Easy to Set Up or Install

Installing indoor solar lighting in the house is a walk in the park. A lot of solar lighting brands produce systems that encourage DIY installation and won’t require the services of a professional handyman (another expense saved). These systems also come with a user manual that will direct and guide you on the installation process.

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