COVID-19 has brought an unsuspecting tsunami of problems to all nations. The people’s way of life suddenly changed within just a matter of days, and the most likely issue, aside from survival, is recovery. On that note, Canada’s efforts on recovering from the ongoing pandemic remain to be resiliently aligning to their goal for clean energy.

As of the 3rd week of May 2020, a public letter addressed to the Canadian government has garnered 200 signatures coming from key persons of 2,000 Canadian companies. It encouraged all levels of the government to commit to the resilience and recovery plan that comes in 3 ways:

  • Investing in the clean energy sector, its local production, and export of commodities that promote low-carbon emission
  • Acting on providing support for cleantech solutions and related business through expanding the initiatives
  • Displaying signs of Canada’s continuing adherence to the policies regarding climate and environment.

Aside from the demands, the letter also urges for drastic measures, still in alignment with the goals for clean energy, on fixing employment changes altered by the pandemic. The message has been very clear, letting all of Canada to focus on what was the goal before. Moreover, as each Canadian is surviving, the road to recovery shall remain on the path already built up.

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