COVID-19 sure did quite a damage to the world economy, and it is likely to continue to do more for some time. As for Canada, instead of “band-aid” solutions, a more forward-thinking approach is applied. Sustainability Canada is looking to push the country towards the economy it deserves – a clean and resilient one. In other words, to build back a better Canada.

The aim is to align the stimulus programs more not just on climate programs that are “shovel-ready” but more importantly on “shovel-worthy”. There are three stages that Canada has to undergo for recovery. These are:

  • 1st: Relief – immediate financial support
  • 2nd: Stimulus – jumpstart the economy
  • 3rd: Recovery – rebuilding

As of now, the country is still in the relief stage, and that can only mean recovery can take a long period. In order to achieve continuously just that, the government shall apply these three key principles:

  • The support must more than enough to face the number of challenges
  • The efforts must be sustainable throughout the years of recovery
  • The efforts must be sustainable amidst the changes in the economy and the environment

It may be a long process, but it has to be done, all the while making Canada more resilient. Leaders of the clean energy sector have submitted an open letter to the prime minister concerning the matter. As the world views the pandemic as a race for survival, Canada has to have a mindset that can see past through that.

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