The policy director of Clean Energy Canada, Sarah Petrevan, had given a statement regarding the announcement of the prime minister about the new path to financing measures supporting mid-scale and large-scale Canadian businesses. It includes the requirement of developing strategies to continuously meeting the climate and clean energy goals.

According to the statement, the announcement emphasizes the importance of the support of the government on the workforce and companies. Businesses have to remain resilient and even more in the long-term by identifying the opportunities and risks and formulate plans to manage them.

Additionally, the statement highlights the climate change effects on all aspects of businesses, from management and operations to employment and logistics. The low-carbon economy transition can bring risks and opportunities to businesses. Borrowing from the words of the former governor of Bank of Canada, Mark Carney, concerning climate change: if companies will not adapt, they will definitely go bankrupt.

The statement ends with the state of Canada’s response in information sharing that the country is still lagging behind numerous jurisdictions. While there are still opportunities to catch up, the lagging can be viewed as an opportunity also to set businesses towards a successful path.

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