The Sustainability Canada is a platform promoting the efforts of Canada in transitioning to alternative sources of electricity through clean energy and climate program.

We provide news and updates regarding the movements made by the Canadian government toward a better and more environment-friendly technology. We publish inspiring stories that can stimulate encouragement and interest towards our fellowmen, conduct interviews with the brightest and action-driven minds in the energy economy and policy-making fields, and feature sensible publications and original research for public awareness.

We highly believe that Canada is capable of leading towards the development of clean energy and hoping to reduce the carbon footprint to insignificant amounts in the following three decades. With this transition, more job opportunities, civic activities, and academic improvement are to be expected.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote Canada’s efforts towards the transition for clean energy. To achieve this, we have developed strategies that are honed for years of planning with passion:

  • Inform the facts
  • Raise awareness
  • Inspire leadership
  • Encourage action

Our Story

We have been covering the progress of Canada’s actions that affect the environment and economy. As a publication recently migrated to the digital online platform, we are capable of reaching a much wider audience with all the latest multimedia tools at our disposal. Our members are active in our advocacies and are capable of being speakers and ambassadors for clean energy.