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Sustainability Canada is a platform promoting the efforts of Canada in transitioning to the alternative sources of electricity through clean energy and climate program.

We provide news and updates regarding the movements made by the Canadian government toward a better and more environment-friendly technology. We publish inspiring stories that can stimulate encouragement and interest towards our fellowmen, conduct interviews with the brightest and action-driven minds in the energy economy and policy-making fields, and feature sensible publications and original research for public awareness.

We highly believe that Canada is capable of leading towards the development of clean energy and hoping to reduce the carbon footprint to insignificant amounts in the following three decades.

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Types of Indoor Solar Lights and Their Benefits

Types of Indoor Solar Lights and Their Benefits

Solar lighting doesn’t source electricity from the grid. Instead, it converts energy from the sun into electricity. If you’re seeking a more sustainable and affordable way of powering your home, you should invest in indoor solar-powered lights. Electricity is a major living expense in the U.S. The average electricity bill in a month is about $111. Types of Indoor Solar Lighting 1. D180 This solar home system is affordable for even low-income homes because its pay-as-you-go technology enables payment in installments. It’s sophisticated and economical. When you buy this solar home system, you get:

How to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

How to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

As climate change begins to threaten our planet, people have become more conscious of their carbon footprint.  You can help by switching to environmentally friendly practices at home. Here are some ways on how you can make your home more eco-friendly. Use Green Energy Switching to green energy is one of the best ways to make your home eco-friendly. One of the most popular options is by opting for solar power for your home. There are many products on the market that fits your needs and your budget. Opt for Efficient Appliances By using energy-efficient …
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